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Welcome to my site!

I am a Tech Support Leadfor an accounting firm in Indiana. I see the worst of computers all day. 

I have a home a network and have 8 computers connected. My server is an Dell Poweredge 1800. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate PC running Media Center connected to my home A/V system to play computer based video files and music. 

My system is an HP Elite 6930p. It has 4GB of memory, 250gb hard drive, a Dual Layer DVD/CDR burner,

I am a big fan of handheld PCs. In fact, over the last 12 years I have owned 12 different Windows CE/Pocket PC computers and 4 iPhones (2G, 3G, 3Gs and 4). That's right, the iPhone. What can I say? It is the best converged device I have ever owned. I have also owned 7 different tablets.

I have done stand-up comedy at a comedy club, in the 80's I made a parody movie of Stars Wars (a western called Ranch Wars) and have been known to sing.

For years I have been fascinated by the fact that several people share my name. So far I have confirmed about half a dozen people. On my Facebook page I am "friends" with 12 other Adam Brodys. While on a trip to California in 2012 I even met up with two of them.

In 2008, I met a tenderful (9 better than wonderdful) lady from the Philippines. We were married in October 2010 and are living happily ever after.

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