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Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Libraries, Language, Math and Science

5 Language Translator

Translate websites and up to 150 words to & from 8 different languages.


America's Library

America as presented by the Library of Congress


American Presidents

Contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits, plus biographical facts, key events, Presidential places, reference materials and teacher guides.


American Sign Language - Finger spelling

Online graphical guide to to spelling American Sign Language


Ask Dr. Universe

Got a question? Meet Dr. W.S. Universe, the world's most curious car. Brought to you by Washington State University


Biography Center

The site aims to index all the available biographies on the web.


Calculus on the Web

The principal purpose of COW is to provide the interested user, with the opportunity to learn and practice problems in calculus (and in the future other topics in mathematics) in a friendly environment via the internet


Classic Bookshelf

Read classic books online for free.



Online dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus. Includes many foreign languages dictionaries too.


Gemini Observatory

Providing complete coverage of both the northern and southern skies.


Handspeak - Sign Language Online

Learn sign language with their animated examples.


History Happens - American History on  Music Video

Why not tell stories from American history through song, contemporary sounding music that young people would like and would have all the passion, mystery and intrigue of an action-adventure drama.


Internet Public Library

The IPL exists to provide services and information which enhance the value of the Internet to its ever-expanding and varied community of users.


Language Museum

A linguistic website which offers samples of 2000 languages in the world.


Mag's Word Finder

Anagram (find words within other words) engine. Excellent resource for word game players. 


Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

Online version of their collegiate dictionary and thesaurus.


Museum of Modern Art

Online version of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City


Museum of Science and Industry

Online version of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago


New 7 Wonders of the World

Organizing the first worldwide vote as to which 7 of 25 nominated monuments shall be elected the New 7 Wonders of the World.


Ology - American Museum of Natural History

OLogy is a science web site for kids and is home to an amazing collection of over 32 million objects and specimens--everything from endangered tiger DNA to giant dinosaur fossils.



A guide to over 160 different alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems.


Periodic Table

Complete information on the periodic table of elements.


Piano on the Net

Learn to play the piano online.


Presidential Libraries

Listings and hyperlinks to Presidential Libraries.


Scholastic - Teachers, Kids & Parents

Learning resources and activities for families, kids and teachers.


Solar System Simulator

A solar system simulator that creates a color image of your favorite planet or satellite.



An online thesaurus.


Underground Railroad

History of the Underground Railroad from National Geographic.


World Wide Words

Investigating international English from a British viewpoint.



Daily buzzword and word games for kids.


Your Dictionary

A global language resource.